Internet crackdown as 90.9% of the public demand new cyber bullying laws

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November 27, 2013
Internet crackdown as 90.9% of the public demand new cyber bullying laws
By Charlotte Walmsley, National Student

A recent survey has emphasised the need for tougher laws to tackle cyber bullying. The survey, conducted by Kevin Healey, a leading anti-bullying campaigner, revealed that 90.9% of respondents acknowledged the need to implement new laws to fight against the menace of online trolls.

The results of the study, released to coincide with Anti Bullying Week which ran from 18th – 22nd November, also showed that 95.3% feel that the Government could do more to fight against the deluge of online abuse faced by users and be more proactive generally when approaching bullying issues. In addition, a staggering 98.5% demanded that defendants of online crime should face prosecution and extended prison sentences.

Kevin Healey, a campaigner for stronger cyber bullying laws, is currently appealing to social media giant Twitter to review their policies and reassess the reporting process in order to make it easier to identify online trolls and bullies currently protected by the shield of anonymity. Healey argued that the survey confirms the need for more robust laws and improved protection for victims of bullying:

“The response of this survey was overwhelming and the results speak for themselves and cannot be ignored. With almost 100% of people surveyed stating that new laws are essential, I am calling for the government’s involvement and cooperation in tackling online bullying.” [READ FULL STORY]

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