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December 14, 2013
Facebook Tracks Everything You Type, Even If You Don’t Post It
By Michelle Jones

Believe it or not, even the thoughts you type on Facebook but don’t post are being monitored. So think before you even type—not just before you click the “Post” button.

If it feels more and more like Big Brother is watching, then you’re right. Most people are coming to realize that their posts on Facebook aren’t actually private, no matter how tightly they try to button up their privacy settings. However, what about those posts you type and then, for one reason or another, decide not to actually post? It turns out that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is watching those too.

Facebook’s computer code — Jennifer Golbeck of Slate reports that Facebook actually uses a code which still tracks what users type, even if they don’t click the “Post” button. According to Golbeck’s post, Facebook calls these things “self-censorship,” and she refers to a paper written by an intern and a data scientist at the social network. They studied the self-censorship behavior of Facebook users, looking at data from 5 million users of Facebook. It tells us not just about the way people censor what they post, but also how Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) keeps track of these thoughts we decided to keep private after all.

According to the paper, Facebook sends a string of code to users’ browser. That data analyzes what they typed, even if it isn’t posted. Then the code sends metadata back to Facebook.

Facebook’s practices are similar to others, but…

What Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s code does is apparently similar to what other sites’ codes do. For example, Gmail saves what is typed into messages as the user types. This is meant as a safety measure to help the user keep from accidentally exiting out of the browser and losing what they have typed. The type of technology Facebook uses to analyze users’ self-censored posts is apparently very similar to this. [READ FULL STORY]

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