Is it ever OK for parents to cyber-spy on their kids?

Ummm… YES! and you can use PC Pandora monitoring software to help you. (p.s. if you are not fully aware what your kids are doing on those devices you give them and that connection you supply them with – you are, simply, a bad parent).

November 10, 2014
Is it ever OK for parents to cyber-spy on their kids?
By Stephanie Thompson, NYPost

In the new Jason Reitman flick “Men, Women & Children,” a prying mom (Jennifer Garner) monitors every email and text message sent by her teenage daughter.

“You’ve read through every solitary interaction I’ve had on every single website, Mom,” says the indignant teen.

To which her mother responds, “Honey, you know I just do this to keep you safe. OK, let me see your phone.”

This might seem like a far-fetched scene, played up for laughs.

But in this particular case, art imitates real life.

Intense parental scrutiny of phones and other technology — which can include anything from knowing the exact location of a child at all times to having records of a child’s emails, texts and social media activity sent straight to a parent’s own phone — is on the rise. [READ FULL STORY]

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