Anonymous app Yik Yak stirs up cyber-bullying in schools

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November 13, 2014
Anonymous app Yik Yak stirs up cyber-bullying in schools
By Brad Klosner, Greenville Daily News

GREENVILLE — Like many other schools across the country, Greenville High School has felt the stinging effects of cyber-bullying.

And it has happened again.

Recently, a new form of cyber-bullying came to Greenville High School through a newer anonymous social media app dubbed Yik Yak.

“We’ve had social media stuff, like on Facebook, where people are posting nasty things,” said Greenville Public Schools Superintendent Pete Haines. “This is far more aggressive. This is quick and unfiltered.”

Yik Yak is an app which allows users to post anonymous 200 character messages on a digital community board. What distinguishes it from other anonymous social media apps, such as Whisper, Secret and Rumr, is that users are connected within a very small geographical radius, usually about 1.5 miles. App subscribers also are connected to a limited amount of other users.

Although the site explicitly states the services are for subscribers who are “at least 18-years-old” (or 17 if they have their parent’s permission) and recommends “no one under college age” should join, high school students in Greenville and the greater nation have gained access to it. [READ FULL STORY]

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