School cyberbullying bill OK’d in Michigan Senate

It’s good to see headlines like this still popping up. Of course, you can help end cyberbullying by know how your kids are using the internet. Maybe there is a cyberbully in your home and you don’t even know it… PC Pandora monitoring software will let you know if there is…

December 9, 2014
School cyberbullying bill OK’d in Michigan Senate
David Eggert,

LANSING – Michigan school districts would have to add cyberbullying to their anti-bullying policies and report bullying data annually to the state under a bill passed Tuesday in the Senate, where its chief advocate is hopeful for quick approval on the other side of the Capitol.

The Senate voted 30-7 to endorse the requirements, which were sent to the House for potential consideration before the lame-duck session ends next week. The legislation, which would die if the House declines to act, is designed to address gaps in a 2011 law that requires K-12 districts and charter schools to have anti-bullying policies on the books.

Sen. Glenn Anderson, the bill sponsor, said student bullying done through social media, texting and instant messaging is probably more prevalent than physical bullying.

“It is a very serious problem,” the Westland Democrat said. “To fail to address that, we’ll continue to see children abused in our districts and damaged and lives taken. It’s something that we cannot continue to ignore.[READ FULL STORY]

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